Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some think totem-making is for crazy ladies.

I've been making garden totems with my friend, Glenda, for nearly three years. Is that crazy? Not as crazy as the addictive madness of finding "just the right piece." Scavenging yard sales, thrift stores and auctions is an obsession and our workshop is evidence of that.

It's funny. Others like to give us glass pieces, too. Unfortunately, most people don't realize how picky we have to be. Will it adhere to another piece? Scallops are hard to work with. Uneven surfaces create a challenge. We had a gal call one of our totems an "atrocity" because we had used depression glass-- something she felt should have been reserved for a Sunday dinner table.

Regardless of how others feel, we like making them. They are a creative release. And, we've had our totems bring $250+ at local non-profit auctions. So, I guess someone likes them. :-)